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RPGeek says re How to search e2 from Phoenix: d8uv has posted an e2 search plugin for Mozilla/Firebird at http://mycroft.mozdev.org Also, you should call it Mozilla Firebird now.
So, uh, do that instead.
I'd put this up on http://mycroft.mozdev.org only I haven't done the interpret part which would make it work as a mozilla sidetab. But it works fine from phoenix. Find the searchplugins directory (e.g. c:\phoenix\searchplugins) and create a new document in notepad. Paste this into it:
# e2 Search - Sherlock Plug-in

    description = "Search Everything2"

<INPUT NAME="node" user>

    browserResultType = "result"


and save it as everything.src. To get an accompanying e2 icon, download http://everything2.org/favicon.ico and rename to everything.gif. Place it in the searchplugins directory. Restart Phoenix.

Other ways to conveniently search Everything:
Easily Done. If you're using Mozilla Firebird then right click on this page and select "Bookmark This Page..." (If you're not using Mozilla Firebird, then why aren't you?) Hit the arrow next to "Create in" and select the Quick Searches folder. Hit OK.

Now hit CTRL-b to bring up the bookmarks sidebar. Expand the Quick Searches folder and find Everything2 Quick Search. Right click on it and select "Properties." Replace the URL in the Location: with this. (feel free to copy and paste)


Now in the Keyword: box put


Hit OK.

Now, go to the address bar at the top and type in

ev Bob

You're in business.

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