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RPGeek says re How to search e2 from Phoenix: d8uv has posted an e2 search plugin for Mozilla/Firebird at http://mycroft.mozdev.org Also, you should call it Mozilla Firebird now.
So, uh, do that instead.
I'd put this up on http://mycroft.mozdev.org only I haven't done the interpret part which would make it work as a mozilla sidetab. But it works fine from phoenix. Find the searchplugins directory (e.g. c:\phoenix\searchplugins) and create a new document in notepad. Paste this into it:
# e2 Search - Sherlock Plug-in

    description = "Search Everything2"

<INPUT NAME="node" user>

    browserResultType = "result"


and save it as everything.src. To get an accompanying e2 icon, download http://everything2.org/favicon.ico and rename to everything.gif. Place it in the searchplugins directory. Restart Phoenix.

Other ways to conveniently search Everything: