In the fictional sport of Quidditch, the Seeker is the player who attempts to find and capture the tiny Golden Snitch. This scores 150 points, ten times the value of a normal goal, and ends the game. Good Seekers tend to be agile and small.

Seeker is neopagan slang (I've only seen it used in this sense by neopagans, at least) for someone that's looking for a religion for themselves. Seeker usually means someone doing it actively, poring through books and asking questions, though it is occasionally used to refer to someone that is unhappy with their current religion but hasn't been willing to begin looking elsewhere.

Most seekers are looking for a perfect fit, and when (if) this perfect fit is found, Instant Witch Syndrome is all too common. When they finally return to earth, they may be either happy or disappointed in their choice.

Though pagans, particularly Wiccans, are loathe to proselytize, there are scores of articles and references about on, essentially, "How not to scare seekers away"

Seek"er (?), n.


One who seeks; that which is used in seeking or searching.

2. Eccl.

One of a small heterogeneous sect of the 17th century, in Great Britain, who professed to be seeking the true church, ministry, and sacraments.

A skeptic [is] ever seeking and never finds, like our new upstart sect of Seekers. Bullokar.


© Webster 1913.

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