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A Turkish dynasty that ruled in East Islam from 1055. During the 10th century the Seljuqs (descended from Seljuq, chief of the Oguz tribes) led bands of migrating Turks into the Islamic world and in 1055 their head, Toghril Beg, captured Baghdad. The dynasty was at its peak under Toghril Beg and his successors Alp Arslan and Malik-Shah, under whom the great visier Nizam al-Mulk administered the empire.

After the death of Mailk-Shah the empire disintegrated into rival kingdoms. His successors in Persia maintained a nominal suzerainty over the other kingdoms until defeated by invaders from Central Asia in 1153. In Anatolia the Seljuqs of Rum ruled an important independent kingdom until coming under the domination of the Mongols in 1243.

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