Check it out.

There's a court case about the 2000 election in Seminole County that's getting a tiny amount of press, but it's the one case that has the best chance of turning the election to Gore.

Basically, Republican Party operatives were allowed to correct some 5000 absentee ballot applications in the county, and Democrats were denied this chance. Party officials allegedly worked without any supervision in a room with access to state election computer databases. It is illegal for anyone but an individual or that individual's immediate family to request an absentee ballot, not to mention the incredible access these people had to the system, so the case is requesting that these ballots be discarded. If it's impossible to determine which ballots were affected, then all 15000 or so absentee ballots would be discarded. Either way, Gore would net about 5000 votes, far more than any other margin of Bush victory. Seminole's a heavily Republican county, and it's alleged that that is why the county elections commissioner allowed the party operatives to do what they did.

Why do I think this one could be the biggie? Because no one's talking about it, especially conservative pundits who are more than happy to go off on Gore's vote-counting whims and whatnot. While many of the issues of the Palm Beach County Ballot Irregularities and all the other issues can be subject to interpretation, this case sounds cut and dried based on what I've heard of it, and I think the Republicans more than anything else are just hoping it will go away.

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