Reference to A Fistful of Yen a martial arts parody in the 1977 comedy Kentucky Fried Movie.

Several traitors are sent to infiltrate the island mountain headquarters of a Chinese madman named Dr. Klahn. Two agents are captured by Klahn's henchmen and are brought to meet their fate in front of Klahn's new recruits.

Dr. Klahn decapitates the first traitor, his head rolls off into the ornamental fish pond, and Klahn orders, "Now take him to be tortured"!

Klahn orders the second man in front of him, "So, the CIA thinks they can inflitrate the mountain of Dr. Klahn?" The second man, a CIA agent who is not intimidated by Klahn, states, "You don't scare me -- you yellow bastard". Dr. Klahn, angered by the agent's insult, shouts, "Send him... TO DETROIT"!

The CIA agent then realizing that Detroit, during the 1970s was not a popular tourist destination because of the Rust Belt deterioration of the city and the Detroit race riots, begins to beg for mercy. The agent shouts, "No!! NO!!!! Not Detroit! NOOOO!!!! NNNOOOO!!!!"

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