"I was gonna eat that cake, but now it's all wet, and I don't think I want any," - Brak of Space Ghost Coast to Coast fame.

This was actually a line in another song that I can't quite seem to remember, but I can't get the line out of my head. It's such a sad picture. It's a ruined birthday, a car crash anniversary. It's a picnic that nobody shows up for. It's having your date stand you up for no good reason. It is the very definition of forlorn.

I went to Chicago a couple years back with a group of friends and left my now ex-boyfriend alone in our apartment. I had a wonderful time, took pictures, went shopping, ate at Gino's East - the good one on Washington Street. We went to a bar with an Old Style sign hanging out front. I was full of happy. When I got back to Detroit, I found that my boyfriend had left the cake out in the rain. He had sex in my newly purchased bed with a girl with a big forehead. He got it all wet, and I didn't think I wanted any. I left him in Detroit with the bed and the wet cake.

Demeter let me know that the line is from the song MacArthur Park which was softlinked to the empty nodeshell to begin with. As Homer would say, S M R T!

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