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I am cautious with being intensely personal online because it is something that I am not comfortable with. However, this is how I am feeling right now, and though I apologise for the medium, I would love to know whether anyone can empathise. If you can actually fathom what I'm saying. *smiles wryly*
My humanity tires me.
Wait. Is it the burden of being so
That exhausts me, will not let me sleep,
Or is it the fellow feeling, the anguish,
That wearies me?
I wish I could not afford this civilised luxury,
I wish self-absorption could be more cheaply bought.
Was this the cosmic plan -
Guilt ridden ability, obnoxious opportunity?
I am rendered immovable by sands of fate.

I hate the pretentiousness of the last line, but it was what came naturally at the time. Damn.

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