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Life can be pretty scary. I'd like to take a moment to thank you for the kindness that you show others. You are what is best in people. You are free to be you and me. We are pleased.

The project is progressing. Today in Washington, we forced two college-age boys into a van and drive them out to Death Valley. We shot one in the head while making the other watch and then had him dig a grave in the sand and bury his buddy. My friend Vincent is coordinating this project for the general wellfare of the nation. Good stuff happening in our nation's capital, but on the side streets. Always it is happening on the sidestreets. It was on a sidestreet in Philadelphia that I saw a man playing with himself. I never felt right after that. Never did. Honest truth.

How many of you went to this weekend's nodermeet? It was called Wash your Mouth Out with Murphy Soap in Memphis: Minor Infractions Will Be Overlooked During the Nodermeet (a nodermeet). Can I see a show of hands? There were only about 140 noders on hand. Probably the COVID-19 thing we have going on is keeping most of you home. I understand the outbreak is particularly bad in Tennessee. So bad, in fact, they say people are shooting each other in the streets. Casualties numbering in the hundreds every day. Shameful what is happening in Tennessee. Shameful. They ought to line up the entire population (save for some of the music people) and just start shooting them with military grade weaponry that would in fact be complete overkill and fail to achieve any meaningful objective. This is why the U.S. government is likely to proceed with this plan. I have a nose for these kinds of things. Shameful. Something ought to be done.

There are a lot of problems in society (needs to be noded). Those who were at the nodermeet, crammed into that extremely small, hot room with zero ventilation, trapped in there for four hours during the naked rumble (needs to be noded). learned a lot of things about the problems in society. I only hope that we can work together towards solving them. We can use some of the ideas we came up with while brainstorming in that hot, sticky room with genitals just nancing about like puppets on a string. We can create change.

Go forth and do it! Save us from the Tor. 

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