The social problem of introducing rather different groups of friends to each other. Sometimes it works well, and other times you get parties with two groups of people on opposite sides of the room, bitching about the musical tastes of the other group. It makes me somewhat hesitant about introducing my friends to each other today unless there's a strong focus to the event.

In lesser amounts, it's just the natural problem of having widely disparate experiences with two different friends - if you're talking about college fun with one friend and talking about past parties with two friend, it's awkward.


I was desperately in love with Laura. I started by detesting her three years before, because she was cool, and I was not.
I was in love with her now precisely for the same reason. But I was not artistic enough for her (subsequently she went and married a robotics engineer, of all people ...).

I like a lot my buddy Marco. He is an engineer, and a good one. A thoroughly square dude, honest, clear headed, absolutely reliable. A loyal granitic friend.

I brought them together years ago for a cup of tea. Disaster. They would not speak to each other. I wanted to die, to curl up under the sofa. I tried jokes, and they failed.

That was when I realized that I am a highly customizable person; I adapt myself to my social environment. All is fine, while I am alone. But I have gotten wiser, now I do not try to mix water and oil, no matter how sweet the water or perfumed the oil.

It is intereseting the way Everything tickles my neurons and wakes up memories.

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