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(I wrote three poems recently, but knowing that E2 isn't always a kind place, I'm hesitant to put them in their own nodes and let them stand alone. Not that random judgments from strangers on the internet should matter, especially for things so personal, there's a reason E2 has a voting system. We seek positive validation of our efforts, and tell ourselves that negative feedback shouldn't matter, and yet it still stings when negative votes come our way, or even worse, our work is sent to the fire after having been judged a waste of space. We set a goal for ourselves, that of being liked, and then berate ourselves when we are unable to accomplish that goal, unable to live up to the standards we set for ourselves, even as we delegate our self-assessment to people who do not have our best interests at heart. So here they are, in all their glory and shame, trying to hide within the safe confines of a day log:)




fear is
an insane level of self preservation

love is
an insane level of self sacrifice

love is lord of heaven and earth
because love is more insane




the most powerful mind
is an infectious one
and also the most dangerous

a peek inside
becomes a death sentence for previous beliefs
curiosity killing all original thought

some willingly surrender themselves
losing their very identity
to the hivemind

others try to hang on to themselves
for dear life
and at all costs

because infectious
is not necessarily correct
and infectious error may result in literal death

into the black hole they go
join them if you must
but you shall not reemerge

to those inside
all of reality is infected
all of creation in worship

to those outside
the perfect sky is torn
the blissfully ignorant thinking outside the box

only by going into the black hole
are we able to learn if those cats are dead
or not dead

yes i think of you when i m alone




the cavalry is coming
for our enemies are upon us

arrival just in time
for our losses were heavy

our spirits lift
from the corpses around us

rejoicing in song
just as we gave up hope

we can now surge forth
where our courage had abandoned us

to a victorious tomorrow
rather than our own funerals

you give us reason to fight on
where yesterday we wandered lost  

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