From Dinosaur. Musically it was one of Dinosaur Jr.'s simpler compositions, being so early in their careers. Lyrically it sums up nearly every song J would ever write. To listen to any of those songs, then see just the words of this one could make you think he finally hit the nail on the head.

I wanna help you.
I sense you're riding pretty low
I got the feeling
When your hair hits the ceiling
And there's something babe
You oughta know
I won't cry if you won't buy
But if were both kinda stumbling
Maybe I'll say "Hi"
That's my best
I never try that much

There's a cover of this song by the Blake Babies. As far as the vocals go, neither artist was at maturity when they recorded it. I'd like to hear what a live version sounds like, but J doesn't usually sing as good live, and Julie said in a book once that she doesn't put in much effort. So Severed Lips is basically stuck in its original form. Lyrical perfection not quite realized through voices that have every reason to sing it, as if the performance itself was part of the message.

Note: Before I guess this was over the word limit for copying lyrics, so I just included the important part.

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