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Shannon Wheeler is a cartoonist and publisher of "Too Much Coffee Man". He lives in Berkeley, California, USA, is married, and the father of twins.

His comics are satirical, and he makes social commentary about the comics scene, as well as the coffee-drinking trend which has become a commonality in America.

He self-publishes through Adhesive Comics, and publishes his book collections through Dark Horse Comics.

He won the Eisner Prize, showing up for the ceremony drunk, not expecting to win. He was also recipient of a Hatch award for a 1994 Converse shoe commercial; he didn't know that he had won until received the award in the mail.

In addition to his comics, he has written "Too Much Coffee Man's Guide for the Perplexed", and illustated for Henry Rollins' "Do I Come Here Often" and Charlie Drozdyk's "Jobs that Don't Suck".

In his comics, he introduced the characters Too Much Espresso Guy, Too Much White German Chocolate Woman With Almonds, and Underwater Guy.

He plans to begin work on animation projects, and has in the works some scenes for the proposed "The Erotic Adventures of Jesus Christ".

Back in the early 90's, while attending the University of Texas, he had a comic strip in the university newspaper The Daily Texan called Tooth and Justice. TMCM did not make any appearances that I know of, but T&J was definitely one of the better comics in the Texan.

The shoe commercial he won the Hatch award for was Converse, which featured a fully-animated Too Much Coffee Man and appeared on MTV sometime around 1994.

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