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She pulls the covers tighter... and hopes he doesn’t hear her. She knows what she is doing is wrong. She knows what she is doing is bad. But the consequences of being caught make it all that more enticing. Her game. Her time. She waits.

The crack of light beneath the door hypnotizes her. The quiet thrills her. The small muffled groan of boards underneath the carpet. She waits for it. The light flickers, then is quickly overshadowed by his figure walking towards her. That seemingly endless length of hallway. His enormous but slow footsteps down the length. The pause, right on schedule. He’s adjusting the thermostat.

She squirms, looking for any traces of light penetrating her fortress, pulling the covers into a cocoon around her. Her legs adjusted in the best position so she can hold them still for as possible. She jerks slightly, hears the small squeaks of more floorboards as he continues down the hallway. One step, two... she knows she must be quiet. She fears the smallest ruffle of the blankets will give her away. She steadies and draws a deep breath.

Three steps. Four. And he comes to a halt. So close to her door, but strangely feeling like he is another world. Out there they stay up late. Magic things happen. She knows she is missing something. In here, there is sleep and quiet. And that door separates the two. But she waits, holding her breath, for she knows it will open soon.

Waiting. Not breathing. An eternity passes in a few seconds. Finally she hears the click of the hall light go on. She knows he turns the dimmer knob next, the light will grow stronger as he takes his time adjusting it. She wonders if it turns slowly for her, so she isn’t awakened by a sudden burst of light in her dark world.

One last mental check of her surroundings and then her eyes focus on the light. They watch it grow as the door slowly peers open. The sound is practically inaudible. She feels it rather than hears it. And she feels him look in at her.

This is it. This is the moment. She is completely still. She knows he is watching. Waiting to catch her. Her excitement is giddying but she remains frozen. Hearing his breathing, she knows he is waiting for her to break. To falter. One false move and...

he says

she breaks out in muffled giggles

go to bed.


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