The fictional creators of the creatures in the Creatures series of games.

They are an inventive race, although most of their fantastic inventions seem to have been created through luck rather than any true genius. They are not good planners, preferring to just randomly do things in the hope that they might work. Their inventions tend to be a mix of tubes and escaping steam with incredibly advanced biotechnology.

There first creations were the Grendels, who turned out to be a big mistake. They then created the Ettins (commonly believed to be their servants, however there actually seems to be no evidence for this upon further examination of the situation), and finally the Norns, the lovable creatures that all players know and enjoy.

So far, the only sight of them that Creatures players have had is the massive Shee statue in the underground laboratories of the Creatures 2 world. However, no-one knows whether the statue is a likeness of themselves or just an image they'd like to be remembered by.

They have their own language, and are great tellers of wise tales, which they never seem to write down, and which never seem to be written down by anyone else. No-one seems to think it important enough. They corrected every error in their own genome many years ago, and they are known to have no opticians because of this.

Not much is known about the present-day Shee, who, after leaving their flat homeworld for three-dimensional worlds in a spaceship (see Creatures 3), abandoned the ship for a planet when they discovered Grendels had sneaked aboard.

A nice quote from the Creature Labs website, a text transcript of a recorded conversation between two Shee, about 500 years before the Shee left Albia...

"I say, old chap, I'm on fire."
"Goodness gracious, I expect that hurts. I'll design a device to pump water from the eastern ocean up to here. You get the kettle on."
"Splendid. Sugar, Milk?"

...That says it all about their personality and attitude to life, really.

The information here was gathered at great risk to life and limb by spying on the Shee as they told their wise tales. So there.

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