The sequel to Creatures, developed by Cyberlife (now Creature Labs).

A vastly improved GUI, 16-bit graphics (as opposed to 8-bit in the original game), a more complicated genome featuring organs and much more flexible scripting system (CAOS) were some of the many new features.

One of the new 'features' which wasn't felt to be so good (in my opinion, it was rather annoying) was the need to get your Norns to collect power-ups before you could use some of the advanced applets. Tools were quickly produced to help people get around this.

As well as the introduction of a new species - the Ettin - the world was much larger and much more detailed, being prerendered in 3D. The storyline was that a volcano had erupted and the original world had been destroyed, but a lot of the old Shee world was revealed.

Cyberlife did a lot more to help the online community in this game: they provided an Agent Injector with the game, and eventually provided development tools via the CDN.

It was Generally felt to be inferior to the original game by most of the Creatures community, but for no real reason other than that there were a few problems with the AI (such as One Hour Stupidity Syndrome), and that it was much more orientated towards being a game rather than an AI experiment.

Hint: To run without the CD, simply change the shortcut to point to Creatures2.exe and change the command line to 'Creatures2.exe /Embedding'.

Name: Creatures 2
Developer: Apex Computer Productions
Publisher: Thalamus
Year: 1992
Platform: Commodore 64
Genre: Platformer
Players: One Player
Rarity: Reasonably difficult to find second-hand

A computer game published by Thalamus and created by Apex Computer Productions in 1992 for the Commodore 64.

Creatures 2 is the sequel to Creatures. Full title: Creatures 2: Torture Trouble. Sub-title - Clyde Radcliffe In Torture Trouble, or CRITT (let it be noted - the 'e' in Radcliffe was missing from the box and manual of the original Creatures - Clyde's last name is officially 'Radcliffe' in the first game, as well as the sequel).

Created by the famous Rowlands brothers, Steve Rowlands and John Rowlands, Creatures 2 is probably their finest hour, taking everything that was great about the original game, and adding more genius on top.

The Story Continues...

The game follows on from the original, after you had saved the Fuzzie Wuzzies from death by the Demons in the first game. The torture devices were no match for Clyde Radcliffe and his flame breath! Since that time, Clyde has settled down with Bonnie, a very attractive Fuzzette who fell for him at one of the 'fuzzy raves'. After several trips to the cabbage patch, they were the proud parents of no less than nine cute little fuzzies. Life was just perfect... or was it?

Unknown to the Fuzzies, the island which they named 'The Hippest Place in the Known Universe' actually exists in a chain of three islands. The few surviving Demons from the last game fled to these islands and began to create bigger, better, and more ghastly torture chambers - they wanted revenge.

During the Radcliffe's annual trip to the beach, the Demons initiated their plan while Clyde and Bonnie were walking along the beach - the Demons mercilessly swipe the helpless kiddies. When Clyde returned, the children were gone - the only thing left on the beach was a tiny pair of luminous Bermuda shorts. Rushing back to the village, they find Chaz, a fellow Fuzzy Wuzzy, lying on the ground, bleeding and out of breath. He tells them about the Demons, about the new torture chambers and that everyone in the village is gone. Chaz draws one last breath... closes his soft, pink eyes, and dies. A tear runs down Bonnie's face... and Clyde feels a lump in his throat - he knows what he has to do...


The game is set across the three islands which make up 'The Hippest Place in the Known Universe'. Each island consists of six separate stages; two Torture screens, 2 Interlude screens, a Demon section, and finally the Island Hoppin' section.

  • Torture screens:
    Clyde must save one of his captured kiddies, using the available on-screen objects and devices. Certain creatures, when destroyed, will leave behind a Magic Potion (stolen from the Witches Hut). When collected, this potion adds a particular weapon to Clyde's Current selection.
  • Interlude screens:
    On these screens, you team up with the Fuzzy Wuzzy you have just saved, and together your aim is to bounce a designated amount of Fuzzy Wuzzies to safety. Careful fuzzy bouncing can be used to collect bonus coins - a bonus life is awarded for every five collected.
  • Demon Screens:
    Once Clyde has completed the first four stages of an island, he is nabbed by the Demons and imprisoned. To escape he must destroy his captors by bombarding them with Bugs which must be kicked under the Acme Vacuum Machines. Although this sounds easy in theory, the Demons attempt to drop acid on you, which you must avoid. Once you have killed one demon, another will take you on. You need to defeat three ever-increasing in size flying demons.
  • Island Hoppin':
    When Clyde has completed an island, he must take his rescued children to the next island. As Clyde is the only one equipped with scuba gear, he must carry his offspring across the water. However, Clyde's path may be blocked by smaller islands. The little fuzzies must be deposited on the left side of the island, and collected from the right. Again, there are bonus coins to collect. Don't forget, if a fuzzy is left too long treading water, he will drown!
  • Hidden Bonus Rooms:
    Situated in certain Torture screens are Hidden Bonus Rooms. Clyde can only obtain access to these at certain points and at certain times within each torture screen. Once inside, Clyde must collect as many bonus creatures as he can, in as little time possible. To go to the next room, you fall off the bottom of the screen. Only collect the smiling, nodding creatures. If you touch the shaking head, unhappy creatures, Clyde will leave the bonus room.
Creatures 2 features an insane cheat mode method. When the high score table is displayed, you have to lick your finger, and rub it across the controller port. You have to do keep doing this until Maximus Mouse appears - a character from another Thalamus game called Summer Camp. Once this is done, it gives you unlimited lives.

It also features a memorable intro, basically a parody of Terminator 2.

"This game is dedicated to Chaz and the dozens of Stunt-Fuzzies who gave their lives - they will never be forgotten."

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