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Li Qingzhao (1084-1151)
To the Tune of "Sheng Sheng Man"

I am looking for something missing,
It is so dull, lonely,
And so dreary, desolate, melancholic.

In the season of lingering cold and occasional warmth,
It's hard to stay fit.

By drinking two or three cups of wine
How can I keep off the cold wind at dawn?

It's sad to see wild geese passing by,
They are acquaintances of mine.

Now that chrysanthemums are blooming all over the courtyard,
I am too wearied and dreary,
But who else would pick some to enjoy?
Sitting by the window all alone,

I wish it be dark now all over.
Till evening a fine drizzling was falling on the pine trees,
Dropping, dripping.

How could just the single word "sorrow" be enough
To cover all this...

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