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Li Qingzhao, ARA Li Qing-zhao, Li Ch'ing-chao. 1084-1151, Song Dynasty of China. Born in Jinan, in Shandong province. China's most famous female poet, specializing in the ci form. She and her husband collected beautiful antiques and objets d'art. Apparently very much in love, they wrote a thirteen volume work on bronze and stone tablet inscriptions together. Unusual in any age, but especially for Song China, they appear to have had an equal partnership. Shortly before the Jin army invaded, her husband died. Li's last years were spent as a lone refugee; thus her later poetry is extremely melancholy, but still beautiful. Selected ci by Li Qingzhao:

- Like a Dream
- A Sprig of Plum Blossom
- Like a Dream (2)
- Wu Ling Chun
- Sheng Sheng Man
- Magnolia Blossom
- Crimson Lips Adorned

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