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The Shitenno are the Four Kings of Heaven.

They are:

Jikoku (Indian-Dhritarashtra): Protector of the East. He holds a sword and a little ossuary.

Zocho (Indian-Virudhaka): Protector of the South. He fights evil and does good, and holds a sword and a shield.

Komoku (Indian-Virupaksha): Protector of the West. He holds a paint-brush or a spear in his hand, while the other hand is on his hip or holds the sheath of his sword.

Bishamon (Indian-Vaisravana or Vaisramana): Protector of the North. He holds a sceptre and a little ossuary shaped like a pagoda.

They live in the slopes of mount Sumeru, on the top of which dwells Taishuku-ten, whose vassals they are.
Editor's note: These are the Japanese and Sanskrit names for the dharmapalas of Indian Buddhism. -Jinmyo

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