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Shivering Timbers is a world-class wooden roller coaster hidden in a little treasure of an unknown amusement park. Built by Coaster Customs International, Inc., Shivering Timbers was unveiled in 1998. Michigan's Adventure in Muskegon, MI, proudly displays this treasure along side its parking lot for all that enter to see. The massive wooden structure runs straight out and straight back to the station parallel to the parking lot.

Many wooden roller coaster polls place Shivering Timbers in the top five if not the #1 slot in either the United States or even the world. The ride is essentially go up, drop down, go up, drop down (repeat…). Every seat is good (a rarity for a roller coaster) and furthermore every seat has a noticeable different ride. The grandeur of the ride comes from the excellent design of the hills creating maximum airtime and negative g-forces combined with smooth, yet thrilling, positive g-forces. At a maximum height of only 122 feet and a max speed just reaching 57 mph it is amazing how Shivering Timbers proves high speeds and long drops are not required for a world-class coaster.

Do yourself a favor if you are near Michigan: take the trip. If you have season passes to Cedar Point they are good at Michigan's Adventure as well. The park's other coasters are insignificant compared to this beast. Each year roller coaster enthusiasts even have a coaster event based around Shivering Timbers called Timberfest.

Shivering Timbers
Opened in 1998
  • Length: 5383'
  • Max Height: 122'
  • Max Speed: 57 mph
  • Duration: 2:30
  • Drop angle: 53.3 degrees

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