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Show Us Your Beaver is a song by Pittsburgh morning DJs Jim Krenn and Scott Paulsen in their last years together as a wacky morning team. The song can be found on the Former Altar Boys CD.

The song was inspired by the decision of Beaver College to change their name to Arcadia College. The college was embarrassed about the double meaning of their name. The college even offered new diplomas to former graduates.

The song makes fun of generally everything in Beaver County, PA. It has entralling lyrics such as:

Oh, it is lovely here in Western Pennsylvania,
and the women here are as proud as they can be,
they're proud of where they're from, so I'll tell them all as one,
There is one thing they can do for me:
Show Us Your Beaver.....county courthouse.
Show Us Your Beaver....library.

The last line being even more hilarious because there is a neighborhood in Pittsburgh called Library.

The day that this was written there was a lot of Beaver related coolness going on, I wasn't jumping on the bandwagon, it was just that I got thatdamn song stuck in my head. Curse my evil teenage years of listening to this station.
Thanks to generic-man for the correction of the updated name to the college.

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