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The Angry Beavers, one of the original Nicktoons, premiered on August 23, 1997. Daggett and Norbert's mother had a second litter, so it was time for the two brothers to move out and find a place of their own. They built themselves a huge house in the middle of a large lake and are managing quite well.

Norbert (also called Norb) is the lighter colored, smarter and more worldly brother. His voice is done by Nick Bakay. He is taller than Daggett by a quarter-inch.

Daggett (Dag), the darker, dumber beaver, is voiced by Richard Horvitz. Daggett is, in the eyes of many, the more amusing of the two.

The two are frequently fighting (they're brothers, after all) and always manage to get into some strange situation that doesn't makes much sense. Dag is sometimes said to look a bit like a weird bird, but Norb, with his incredibly pointy hair, doesn't look too much like a beaver either. They have many strange quirks, such as Norb's deliberate (and amusing) mispronunciation of many words and Dag's use of the word "spoot." The adventures of the brothers are generally pretty silly but are always amusing. What other cartoon has Norb speaking in mock European talk while Dag reads the subtitles for comprehension?

There aren't too many other regular characters. A couple token animals from the nearby forest (Barry the bear, a wolf, a rat, a moose, and others) make appearences in several episodes, and Scientist #1 and Pete (who affirm their scientist-ness by pointing out that they're wearing lab coats) run into the beavers in other episodes. There's also Norb's good friend, Stump, who is a tree stump.

The show has many strange quirks. Both brothers are fans of old horror movies (especially ones starring their favorite actor, Oxnard Montalvo) and the drink Yahoo (they have a Yahoo clock in the house that's always telling the wrong time). They sleep in a canoe bunkbed. The house has tons of space and has many secret passageways and hidden rooms; more than one episode has mentioned the secret underground lab Norb has, accessible via an elevator hidden behind a wall with a mounted moose head on it. The house also has a unique mail system: two hydraulic tubes in the kitchen send and receive mail instantly and seem to be capable of transporting objects of any size. The handle on the front door is the top of a hammer. Many of the names in the credits have strange nicknames, such as Brad "I write Music in 6 7/4 time" Carow or Jim "Do I hear a distant dog barking?" Leber.

Obligatory Amusing Quote:

Oxnard Montalvo: "His bravery was the only thing standing between us and destruction. Thank you, strange little pointy...thing."
Daggett: "...I'm a beaver."

From "The Day the Earth Got Really Screwed Up"

Episode Guide:
Each half-hour episode contains two mini-episodes. Following each episode is the date it originally aired.
(This list is not to be taken as the Alpha and the Omega of episode order, as it differs according to where they were aired, and I don't know whence this list comes.)

Season 1 (1997-1998)
  • Born to Be Beavers & Up All Night (8/23/1997)
  • A Dam Too Far & Long in the Tooth (8/30/1997)
  • Gift Horse & Go Beavers (9/6/1997)
  • Boxtop Beavers & Salmon Sez (9/13/1997)
  • Beach Beavers A-Go-Go & Deranged Ranger (9/20/1997)
  • Muscular Beaver & Fish and Dips (9/27/1997)
  • Enter the Daggett & Bugaboo (10/4/1997)
  • I Dare You & Mission to the Big Hot Thingy (10/11/1997)
  • House Broken & Stinky Toe (10/18/1997)
  • H-2 Whoa & Fancy Prance (10/25/1997)
  • You Promised & Bing That Wouldn't (11/1/1997)
  • Bummer of Love & Food of the Clods (11/8/1997)
  • Kandid Kreatures & Fakin' It (11/15/1997)

Season 2 (1998-1999)

  • Guess Who's Stumping & Trees Company (8/15/1998)
  • Same Time, Last Week & Beaver Fever (8/22/1998)
  • Muscular Beaver II & Stump Looks for His Roots (8/29/1998)
  • Tree of Hearts & Dag for Night (9/5/1998)
  • Un-Barry-ble & Another One Bites the Musk (9/12/1998)
  • The Mighty Knothead & Pond Scum (9/19/1998)
  • Big Round Sticky Fish Thingy & Utter Nonsense (9/26/1998)
  • Lumberjack's Delight & Zooing Time (10/3/1998)
  • Zooing Time & Sans-a-Pelt (10/10/1998)
  • The Day The Earth Got Really Screwed Up (10/17/1998)
  • Open Wide for Zombies & Dumbwaiters (10/24/1998)
  • Gotta Gethca & Sans-a-Pelt (10/31/1998)
  • If You Insisters & Alley Oops! (11/7/1998)

Season 3 (1999-2000)

  • My Bunnyguard & What's Eating You? (3/14/1999)
  • Omega Beaver & Bite This! (3/21/1999)
  • Spooky Spoots & Up All Night II: Up All Day — The Reckoning (3/28/1999)
  • Muscular Beaver III & Sang 'Em High (4/4/1999)
  • In Search of Big Byoo-Tox & Moronathon Man (4/11/1999)
  • The Legend of Kid Friendly & Silent But Deadly (4/18/1999)
  • Tough Love & A Little Dad'll Do You (6/20/1999)
  • Pass It On! & Stump's Family Reunion (7/24/1999)
  • Muscular Beaver IV & Act Your Age (8/14/1999)
  • Too Loose Latrine & Pack Your Dags (8/21/1999)
  • Daggy Dearest & Dag's List (8/28/1999)
  • Mistaken Identity & Easy Peasy Rider (9/12/1999)
  • Stare and Stare Alike & I Am Not an Animal... I'm Scientist #1 (10/9/1999)
  • Norberto y Daggetto en el Grapadura y el Castor Malo & The Loogie Hawk (10/16/1999)
  • Kreature Komforts & Oh, Brother? (10/23/1999)
  • Das Spoot & SqOtters (11/6/1999)
  • Come Shell or High Water & Dagski and Norb (11/20/1999)
  • Long Tall Daggy & Practical Jerks (12/4/1999)
  • Nice and Lonely & Soccer? I Hardly Knew Him! (12/11/1999)
  • Brothers... to the End? & EuroBeavers (12/31/1999)
  • Slap Happy & Home Loners (3/11/2000)
  • Ugly Roomers & Finger Lickin' Goofs (3/18/2000)
  • Strange Allure & Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow (3/25/2000)

Season 4 (2000-2001)

  • Chocolate up to Experience & Three Dag Night! (9/2/2000)
  • Fat Chance! & Dag in the Mirror (9/9/2000)
  • Canucks Amuck & Yak in the Sack (9/16/2000)
  • Big Fun & Driving Misses Daggett (9/16/2000)
  • Moby Dopes & Present Tense (9/23/2000)
  • It's a Spootiful Life & The Mom From U.N.C.L.E. (9/23/2000)
  • House Sisters & Muscular Beaver 5 (9/30/2000)
  • Van-tastic Voyage & Blacktop Beavers (9/30/2000)
  • Specs Appeal & Things That Go Hook in the Night (1/6/2001)
  • Damnesia & The Posei-Dam Adventure (2/17/2001)
  • The Big Frog & Dag Con Carnie (3/3/2001)
  • All in the Colony & Line Dancing (originally unaired)
  • Beave-Master & Deck Poops (originally unaired)

There is a lot of conflicting information about the end of the show. According to one of the show's writers, there are about seven episodes of the fifth season that Nickelodeon never aired in the US, but they have played in Great Britain, France and Australia. I've only seen episode guides that go up to season four (as the above), but Nick.com only lists episodes up so season three. Anyway, the show was canceled because it was supposedly getting too "adult," and it was pulled off the air before the end of the season because the episode involved Norb receiving a letter from Nick saying their show was being canceled, and Norb had to break the news to Dag that they were only cartoons. At the time, many of the writers were quite unhappy with Nick's treatment of the Angry Beavers staff:

Daggett: "Norbie? What happens when you're...over?"
Norbert: "Oh, it's not so bad. If the cartoon's good, even if it isn't, it's rerun-incarnated!"
Dag: "Ooh...does that hurt?"
Norb: "No... Only when you get the later checks. The Cartoon-Being-Over Guys rerun it over and over and they make lots of well deserved money."
Dag: "Which they share with the people who made the cartoon, right?"
Norb: (laughs uproariously) "Right. So you see it's all for the better."
Dag: "Right!"
Norb: "Even though we're vanishing we'll be back over and over again at virtually no cost to the Network!"

From "Bye-Bye Beavers"

They even got as far as recording the voices (you can download the clip from Micah Wright's site) before Nick caught on and yanked it. If anyone has any more information about the end of the show, please /msg me.

Personal Knowledge
Pazsaz: http://www.pazsaz.com/angrybv.html
Micah Ian Wright: http://www.micahwright.com/
Nick.com http://www.nick.com/

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