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Siem Reap is a city in western Cambodia most famous for being next to Angkor Wat. Tourism seems to be changing it drastically.

It's filled with things for tourists, like internet cafes (about 1$ US / hour), travel agents, guest houses, and expensive hotels. Guest houses are about 8$ US a night for a nice place. I stayed in Sunrise Guesthouse, which was run by an married couple, an old woman, and a bunch of kids who cleaned all day. They can find all kinds of travel arrangements for you too.

The roads, even in town, are mostly dirt, and have huge potholes in them. Because of this, cars aren't the best way to get around - most people seem to use motorbikes. There are always bike taxis hanging around outside of tourist joints, asking everyone if they need a ride. They will be happy to find things for you - a guide to Angkor Wat for you, pot, thai girls, any kind of restaurant. However, many of them don't seem to konw their way around town very well.

There are chickens, and mangy dogs running around the streets.

There is a market. One section seems to be real Cambodian people buying vegetables, etc. The other half is all tourist stores selling the same tourist stuff - old coins, postcards, books about Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge, etc, and the same 6 T-shirts saying Ankor Wat. T-shirts are about US 3$. Since it's Cambodia, you have to pay in US Dollars. For anything under a dollar, you pay in Cambodian riel. You can also use Thai Baht sometimes.

It's a nice town, but as you leave the center it gets poorer and poorer, until you see people living in horribly dirty places in houses made of sticks.

There are lots of good restaurants, serving thai food, khmer food, etc. There is also a fake mcdonald's called Angkor-Chum Burger. Most of the restaurants have the weird SE Asia beer girl phenomenon.

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