A ground breaking music video anybody could create themselves. That is how I would describe Prince's 'Sign "☮" the Times' video.

When it was released it was unique in the sense that it didn't contain any footage of the artist, well no human beings whatsoever. Instead it consists entirely of strong graphical design backgrounds in different colors with the lyrics appearing on top, most likely done using professional computer animation equipment. Most of the time the lyrics float from right to left over the screen one or a few words at the time. This gives the the video a very strong impact, focusing on the message of the lyrics. Then it helps that it is a good song as well.

With regards to my previous comment that anybody could create it, the whole video would easily be recreated in Macromedia Flash today. But in 1987 the level of anti-aliasing, movement, resolution and 3D rendering that is in the video was way beyond most people's computers' capabilities. Sign of the times?

Just saw this video on MTV and realized how minimalistic, but powerful, it still is.

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