One of the UK's right of centre broadsheet newspapers.

Not to be confused with The New York Times or The Financial Times.

Features the list of the best UK universities annually.

Until recently edited by Peter Stothard, who has been replaced (not sacked, I don't think - he'd simply had enough) by Australian Robert Thompson -the first foreigner to edit the paper.

In the search for circulation this previously superb newspaper, which, whatever you thought of its centre-right politics, had impeccably high journalistic standards, has sunk in terms of seriousness of reporting and quality of writing. It has a different news agenda now, too, and is just as interested in celebrity cellulite as any tabloid. This is a shame, because it was very, very good. Now, despite Rupert Murdoch-initiated price cuts a few years ago, it's clinging on for dear life. (admittedly, it's not alone in this: all UK newspapers have experienced serious economic problems in the last few years as people turn more and more to TV and the internet to get their news rather than the print media. Only one paper, The Star,recorded a year-on-year increase in 2002.)

It does, however, have excellent arts coverage and a few brilliant commentators, like Simon Jenkins and Matthew Parris. Were it not for them, it would surely shrink even more. As it is it survives principally because of that old saviour for shiity newspapers: familiarity. People are used to it, they're comfortable with it, they know where everything is, and they sure as hell aren't going to go through the trauma of switching to the Daily Telegraph or The Guardian.

Also known as 'The Thunderer'. Circulation of just under a million.

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