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                         Silence is more wounding than any word to

a girl with expectations...



When he said that he would "Call her soon",  

She thought that meant she would get a phone call

but none ever came 


After she applied to the A list college

A written answer is what she expected,

but she received nothing at all 


She went to two interviews for the job she wanted

came with a precise resume and expressed sincere interest 

dressed in her best black pantsuit 


When she never heard back she called asking for an explanation

then was told that only the Good candidates were contacted

She, obviously, was not one of them 


Four days later she went back there to deliver a message of her own 

The Five o'clock news covered it all 

in great detail 






 title and italics  from go ahead I'll listen

a boy with expectations

expected her to be silent

because it was ok back then

I mean, if a girl was drunk, you knew she was bad
fair game
anything goes

because that kind of girl
she acts like a boy!
she's a partier!
she deserves what she gets!
she's not a virgin anyhow!
she's ruined

and all the boys know it

and then the girls too

yeah, the expectations

she should have kept her fucking mouth shut

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