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This is a game that I learned when I was young:

Everyone sits in a circle. Everyone places their hands in front of them, palms down. Each person places their right hand across the left hand of the person sitting to their right.

To begin, a direction (counterclockwise or clockwise) is chosen, plus a hand to begin. Play occurs by each hand in the circle slapping in turn, e.g. my left hand, right hand of person to the left of me, left hand of person to the right of me, my right hand.

The following may be done by any hand during it's turn:

Double Slap: means the direction of rotation shall reverse.

Fist Slam: means skip the next hand.

Any player who slaps out of turn must remove that hand from the circle.

Any player who fails to slap on their turn must remove the hand that should have slapped.

The last person with a hand in the circle wins.

I had quite a bit of fun with this game while attending a computer programming summer camp in Virginia many years ago. It's more difficult than it sounds!

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