Another challenging game of strategy from the people who brought you War in Russia and Objective:Kursk. Now you can simulate Old West man-to-man combat with Six Gun Shootout, featuring 10 scenarios and 18 weapon types ranging from tomahawks to shotguns. $39.95, 48K disk

- Antic magazine, August 1985

Published by Strategic Simulations, Inc. (SSI), Six Gun Shootout could be played against the computer or against human opponents. Though players could see the entire map at all times, line-of-sight rules affected your ability to see your enemies. The scenarios were drawn from both history and the movies -- players could command the forces on either side of confrontations like the gunfight at the O.K. Corral or the final scene of The Magnificent Seven.

But that's not the really cool part.

You could carry a maximum of three weapons. One character in the group could substitute dynamite for one of his weapons, which could be used to blow up obstacles. Or other characters, though that was usually an act of desperation. Or boredom.

But that's still not the really cool part.

The really cool part was that not only could you create your own characters and insert them into these scenarios, you could also modify the attributes, weapons, and NAMES of your computer-controlled enemies.

When my friends and I played back when the game first came out, we turned our sawed-off shotgun-toting characters into High Plains Drifter versions of ourselves, and our opponents would include people we knew and disliked (arrogant geeks, bullying jocks, vindictive teachers). For some reason every lineup of bad guys in our games also included a knife-wielding Adolf Hitler.

Six Gun Shootout is available for downloading on several sites and can be played on an Apple or C64 emulator.

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