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In a crowd of 35,000, you're bound to get a few cunts. -- Sting
Sting was referring to the crowd reaction to Skafish during a 1980 concert in Milton Keynes, England. One of the hundreds of beer cans launched at the stage eventually found its mark and hit Jim Skafish in the head, ending their set just 7 minutes into the show.

Skafish was a new-wave band based in East Chicago, Indiana and fronted by local music legend, Jim Skafish. Skafish was immortalized in the classic cult film, Urgh! A Music War, alongside such other fledgling new wave groups of the period as The Police, Ultravox, the Go-Gos, Devo, and Joan Jett. They played CBGB's, the Bottom Line, and the Whiskey A-Go-Go during their heyday.

In 1980 they reached #2 in the New Musical Express's Indie charts with their self-titled debut album, Skafish, but the eclectic, eccentric style they embodied was too far ahead of its time. From 50's sounding doo-wop to maniac-paced punk, Skafish's musical repertoire was too wide. They couldn't be easily labeled and pigeon-holed. This creates confusion for music industry execs; they like to keep things simple.

Skafish also released an ill-fated followup album, Conversations (1984). The record company's attempt to change their sound to that of a dance band was a failure. Dropped by I.R.S. following its release, the band briefly tried to get another label interested before breaking up in 1985.

Largely unknown and/or forgotten, Skafish opened the door for the punk, new-wave, and alternative acts in the Chicago area. Work Song, Disgracing the Family Name, Obsessions, and Guardian Angel -- all off their debut album -- are great songs and display a versatility and humor not often found in rock music.

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