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Midwest Punk band formed in 1986 by members Ben Weasel, Jughead, and Steve Cheese. Since then they've gone through band members like most people go through underwear, but have managed to churn out over a dozen albums (okay, some of them compilations). While not quite pop-punk, they tend to be upbeat and produce music that makes you want to pogo and do that Ringo head-bob thing.

Their most famous album, My Brain Hurts, came out in 1991, after the band had officially broken up only to reform with the line-up of Ben Weasel, Danny Vapid, and Dave Naked (who was kicked out shortly thereafter, because he sucked and nobody liked him).

They're still touring these days, mostly around Chicago, though the only original members left are Ben Weasel (who also spends these days writing punk reviews and writing soap box tirades and Jughead, who left for a few years before rejoining.

Anyway, while everybody's raving about east coast/west coast, these guys are pure midwest, right up there with the now dissolved Naked Aggression. In other words, they think the Ramones are the best band that ever lived, skatepunks suck ass, and punk had a sell-by date of about 1987 at the latest. Oh well.

The band Screeching Weasel is an upbeat pop punk band that features such hit songs as: "Cool Kids," and "I wanna be a homosexual." The band was formed in 1986, it started with the 3 members: Ben Weasel, Jughead, and Steve Cheese. In december of 86, Vinnie Bovine joined the band, but by the 1987 year, he had been kicked out because he was a "total pain in the ass".

He was replaced in 87, by Warren Fischer who ended up being called "fish", he had been a member in The Ozzfish Express.

Near the end of 88, Steve Cheese was temporarily replaced, because he didn't want to tour with the band. He ended up later being permanently replaced by Brian Vermin.

Warren Fischer left the band right after their first tour in 89. He was replaced by Danny Vapid Although that was in vain because Danny Vapid and Brian Vermin left the band at the end of the year anyways.

The band (now consisting of Jughead, and Ben Weasel), called it quits in 90', only to reform in 91 with a bassist "Dave Naked" as their bassist, and Danny Vapid rejoining and playing 2nd guitar, and Dan Panic as the new drummer. Dave got kicked out because everybody thought he was "dumb" (yes, those were some of the words used to explain this on the by Ben Weasel himself), and a bassist named "Gub" temporarily replaced him for tours. He was soon replaced by Johnny Personality.

As soon as he had come, Johnny Personality left. He wasn't replaced, Danny Vapid moved to Bass, while Ben Weasel moved to the 2nd guitar.

After touring for a year, in 1994, Danny Vapid quits and Mike Dirnt joins and plays bass for the band. Although this once again happened for no reason. Because the band broke up in 1995, only to come back in 96 with Ben Weasel, Jughead, Dan Panic, and Danny Vapid.

As if not enough had happened to the band already, in 97 Dan Panic left and was replaced by Dan Lumley. While Danny Vapid (leaves the band AGAIN), was replaced by Mass Giorgini. Zac Damon joined the band and picked up the 2nd guitar. While Ben Weasel moved back to vocals only.

Zac Damon left the band in 99 and left only 4 remaining: Ben Weasel, Jughead, Dan Lumley, and Mass Giorgini.

Album list:
Teen Punks in Heat
Thank you very little
Beat is on the brat
Telivision City Dream
Screeching Weasel (self titled)
Bark like a dog
Kill the musicians
Anthem for a new...
My brain hurts
Screeching Weasel (self titled)


Jesus Hates you
Return of the read menace
Life in the fat lane
Four on the floor
Physical Fatness Comp
Major Label Debut
Formula 27
It's a punk thing...
Chairmen of the board
Fallen upon Deaf Ears
Born Against Split
Suzanne is getting...
Pink Lincolns Split
You broke my
Happy, Horny, Gay
Snappy Answers
Blame and Burn
Pervo Devo
Achtung Chicago
They don't get paid...
There's a fungus amongus
What are you pointing at?
Moving Target Split

The Ramones are a major influence to the band, that should be fairly obvious if you take a look at the fact that almost half of their songs are ramones covers (exaggeration, but barely) The band made it's third and "final" breakup in June of 2001. Since then, Ben Weasel published a book called "Like Hell", it is a collection of his essays, and columns.

Screeching Weasel at its height was pretty big amongst the pop-punk community. Although, one is tempted to wonder the potential they could have reached had they been able to develop some chemistry between their members. This constant shuffling of members became so common that it seems they never had a chance to develop a distinctive sound, sticking to "what they knew" (which happened to be a very Ramonish sound.)

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