Husking Bee is a rock and roll group from Tokyo, Japan. They formed in 1996 and released a handful of independent recordings before signing with one of Japan's largest independent recording labels Toy's Factory. Here in the states, their albums are released by Doghouse Records, the same label that carries fairly popular "emo"/punk bands like Gameface, The Get Up Kids, and As Friends Rust.

Husking Bee tends to sound more like American punk rock bands that I grew up with as a teenager, and perhaps that's why I find them more accessible than j-rock groups like The Pillows and Supercar - both of which are still worth listening to. Most of Husking Bee's music is sung in English, but the way the words are pronounced and the syllables are paced is distinctly not American.

I originally discovered them during the Winter of 1999/2000 when Screeching Weasel's second collection of b-sides and rarities entitled "Thank You Very Little" was released. After listening to the song "Anchor" on the first disc, I scoured the liner notes hoping to discover the origins of such an excellent song. Ben Weasel mentioned that it was a Husking Bee song, and little else.

They rock my world.

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