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Anything wrong with looking deep?


I like to go far down, I'm not a surface swimmer

Be careful you might drown

That is true

Or you might get your swim suit torn off

By the sharks?

And monsters that you put in the water... and the fish and the kelp...and the planktin

There ARE no monsters. On the surface are the jellyfish that sting you but they aren't monsters, just nuisances

Only if you put them there...it's like the monsters under the bed, they're not really there

I have drawers under my bed, no room for monsters

They don't have to be big

No little monsters either under my bed...But, if I swim deep then I can see the sharks before they tear off my swim suit and I can hide in the shark cage and be safe. You can't always see sharks on the surface

Or in the deep

Can see them better in the deep if I have a good mask on

There isn't light in the deep

Lots of creatures make their own light in the deep. They are like beacons

But not sharks

I stay near my cage where it's safe

It's never safe in the deep, any diver knows that

But the deep is where all the discoveries are. Lots to be learned in the deep

Like sunken ships and subs with dead men in them

Yes, there is tragedy in the deep, your point is taken. So, there are risks taken to gain knowledge and understanding

But what's the risk if you stay near your cage? There is none

You've got me there. I'm a coward then

YOU'RE the one who is telling me this stuff

I'm only skimming the surface...

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