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pejorative term for those certain mewling weenies who inhabit slashdot and care far too deeply about everything on it, posting long-winded comments to every story, no matter how inane.

When the GPL is violated, they are aghast, and write indignant emails to the perpetrator(s).
When someone ports linux to their toaster, they obtain mighty boners.
When there is a story about new hardware, they talk seriously about how cool it would be to have a beowulf cluster of the given machine.

closely related to karma whores and linux zealots. note that not all slashdot users are not slashbots - just the obsessive, loudmouthed weenies.

i think every computer science major out there knows someone like this - a person so totally inept and ubergeeky that they make you embarrassed to be in the same class as them.

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