Sligo is a city on the North West coast of Ireland. With a population of approximately 30,000 people in the main catchment area, it is a small city. Thus has led to many debates in the region as to its eligibility for city status. (Personally I reserve judgement, leaving these discussions to higher life forms - or moments of drunken stupor)

Possibly best known to many people around the world, especially in the USA, as the birthplace of W.B. Yeats - the renowned poet and occultist - it is situated amidst beautiful countryside with scenic hills (affectionately called mountains by locals) and enchanting glens, glittering with waterfalls.
At the foot of "Benbulben", one of the nearby mountains, Yeats himself is reportedly buried (Also a matter of dispute for those long cold evenings at the fireside in the local pub) with the epitaph:

"Cast a cold eye on life,
on death horsemen pass by."

Good web sites for a better idea of life in Sligo are: or

Also much can be learned from the local papers:

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