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Alice's cafe sits under a broad brimmed, corrugated iron verandah on the South side of Gawler Street, Mount Barker. It is my first time here, the Mexican and Macrocarpa both do good coffee, we are spoilt for choice. The street outside is breezy and hot, traffic shifts and settles.

Raw brick, whitewash, high ceilings and slow fans over red and black tables. Macro-photography focussing on the curve of a fresh green tendrils or leaf of a grapevine, or the topography of a roadside in stonewashed bitumen and autumn leaves. Bluesy guitar and ballads are a good match for the heat of the day.

If I had a laptop I could surf from here. Today I have a book and chilled coffee.

Notes from the Surf

Get More Energy
The Energy Drink of Champions

How to Eat a Chicken Wing
Interesting, but I'd probably only spend time on this when preparing a dish to show off with  =]

More: When men still wore hats. Camels from National Geographic.

World's Best Shoe Knot
Unfortunately nowadays, I'm trying to turn non-slip-ons into slip-ons.

How many weeks do I get?
"The duration of unemployment insurance varies by state. Here’s how many weeks are available where you live."

What It's Actually Like To Try To Find A Job These Days
Number of jobs applied to: 95. Jobs interviewed for: 11. Number of friends I begged to forward my resume to their HR departments: 10. Number of business cards handed out: ~400. Number of times I cried over not being offered a job: 4. Number of times I contemplated grad school: 3. Number of different careers considered: 5.

Of the people, by the people, and for the people?
"About 1 percent of all Americans are considered millionaires, while more than 44 percent of congressional members claim that distinction."

Dear Trade Associations, Why do You Despise the Workers?
"There used to be an unspoken deal between labor and capital that profits from productivity increases would be split, wages would rise as productivity increased. That deal was broken in 1980, and since then, capital has taken all the money"

Former Group Chief Economist at HSBC: "our leaders are in the pockets of the banks"
"Amazing words to be uttered by a man who has made a career and a brilliant reputation of coming at his economics from the right."

Irish government blasted for targeting the ordinary people of Ireland over the rich
"Dublin was brought to a standstill today as up to 70,000 people took to the streets as part of a national day of protest... The rallies took place in Dublin, Cork, Galway, Limerick, Waterford, Sligo, Tullamore and Dundalk"

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