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Brand of memory card used for storage in higher end digital equipment, most commonly digital cameras and portable MP3 players.

SmartMedia cards are extremely small, weighing only 2 grams (less than a typical sheet of paper) and being 45.0mm x 37.0mm x 0.76mm in size. They are usually made with black plastic cases with a metal magnetic contact that is inserted into the device. SmartMedia cards have a filesystem of sorts, allowing multiplie devices to store data on the same card simultaneously.

Numerous drives are available allowing you to access the files on a SmartMedia card via your computer. Mine is a USB one that shipped with my camera.

SmartMedia is, IMHO, a pretty good deal. The cards come in 16, 32, and 64 MB sizes (there used to be an 8MB one, but it has been discontinued). They retail for about $19, $26, and $46 (USD) respectively.

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