A line taken from Waiting For Godot by Samuel Beckett. Uttered by two characters desperately trying to find meaning in an empty life when they suddenly decide that they are happy.

A good question, really. Once we have our technological gadgets, our cell phones, our TV's, our computers and our microwaves, our fancy toys, our piles of money, our friends, family, lovers and our so-called happiness, what the hell do we do next?

I guess we could enjoy it. Our newfound happiness, I mean. But it seems that everytime I acknowledge my own happiness something is taken away from it, a little bit of the innocence that came along with it disappears. If only there was a way I could feeze my body at the point of optimum happiness and stay that way forever. On second thought, that's not what I'm looking for in the least. The fun is in the ups and downs. It's all a bit scary when you really think about it, isn't it?

Tear it all down and rebuild it again.

Consider that the happiness is not derived only at the point when we reach our end goal, but is primarily in the motions and memories along the way. It is important to adjust your goals according to this, such that it is possible to touch, taste, and savor your surroundings as you pass through on your way. If you choose the plastic prepackaged manner which you are expected to chase after endlessly, you will probably never achieve it. If you do manage by some means, undoubtably it will either crumble to pieces like the empty shell it is, or you will maintain stasis wondering why things are oddly sour and unfulfilling. Honestly, you cannot expect to attain perfect happiness anyways. There is too much in the universe, always some new angle to experience. If it were possible to grasp, the only place to go would be plummeting down and start the journey anew. Humanity, collectively, seems obsessed with building and constructing (not simply the literal sense), so called advancement and progress. It appears not to make a difference whether it is off a previous foundation of effort or from scratch, just the forward motion that is critical.

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