Soft Paws are one of the coolest inventions ever for protecting humans and furniture owned by an indoor cat.

Designed by vetrinarian Dr. Toby Wexler, they are vinyl caps which are glued over a cat's claws with a cyanoacrylate (or "Super") glue, covering the claw's sharp tip. These last about 4-6 weeks, according to the website,

Soft Paws are a much better alternative to declawing, as they do not cause any pain to the cat. They are available in clear, purple, red, blue, and pink, in kitten, small, medium, and large adult cat sizes. They can also be used for other animals whose claws fit in them.

As the cat normally tries to sharpen their claws, and the outer layers of the claw shed, the Soft Paws will eventually fall off and need to be replaced.

They're rather inexpensive, fortunately, at US $17.95 for a kit with 40 claw covers, two tubes of glue, and instructions. Shipping is $2.95 for up to three kits. They can be ordered for cats at or for dogs at

Cats of E2, it should be noted that wearing Soft Paws will not impair your typing abilities...

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