Dyke bar located at 269 E. Houston Street in the East Village of Manhattan - take the F Train to Second Avenue.. Minimum age to enter is 21 and ID is required. Open daily until 4:00am; happy hour is 5-8pm. Wednesday nights are Ladies Night Out: no cover charge for women but men must pay $5 cover. On Thursdays the club becomes Gloss, which the Village Voice named "best club night to score with a hot young dyke." Other nights feature live bands and other performances. Meow Mix was originally a floating club until its permanent location opened in the 1990s.

There's a Gen-X lesbian's writeup for you. I do plan to expand this when I can get further information.

All those Kevin Smith fans out there (and I know you're there; you're all over the damn Web) will remember the scene in Chasing Amy where the heroes go to a club approximately the size of Madison Square Garden, get trashed, have a great time, meet a wonderful girl and stare at her in shock when she starts kissing another woman. And then, and only then, do the heroes realize that they have found the most fantasized-about, and impractical, destination any adolescent comic book geek could hope for: a Real Live Lesbian Bar. Not too smart, these Kevin Smith characters.

What is my point? Merely this: the bar is supposed to be the Meow Mix. Mind you, the actual bar is about a quarter the size of that set. But anyway. (Note: I am informed by yossarian that at least some parts of that scene were, all appearances to the contrary, actually filmed in the real Mix. But anyway...)

An interesting variant of this scene was played out in my presence last New Year's Eve, when I stupidly invited a group of friends who hadn't managed to make any real plans to come to the Meow Mix, where some acquaintances of mine were playing. Unfortunately, I forgot/didn't bother to tell them it was a lesbian bar. Most nights it doesn't really matter, since the crowd there is pretty, well, mixed. But on New Year's, it looked like every dyke in NYC had made plans to be there. It was a fire hazard. It was sweaty. It was happy and horny and loud, and it was loads of fun. But a few of my friends have never quite forgiven me for this experience.

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