i don't know if anyone will find this as entertaining as i did, but i certainly hope someone finds this useful. This is the pre-travel notebook of the friend of a friend, planning a trip to Italy.

Florence - Reservations for Ufitzi-otherwise 3 hours line
Drink the H2O in Rome!
con gas no gas (senza gas)
aqua minerale                   panna (best water) bubbles : frizante
wine - vino
rosso - red
bianco - white
paste - pasta - heavy on the artichokez
primo piato - pasta
segundo piato - meat
contoriti - vegetables - spinach:
no sharing!
dolci - desserts
coffee -

Florence bistecca Fiorentina - unlike any steak you've ever had .

Da Mario -rest - on Mercato Centrale y only lunch

Don't go to dinner before
7:00, even later if poss.

Milan - order risoto al Milanese

Florence -Ufitzi
            Bargello - no lines :) in a medeval town hall

4 churches

  • The Cathedral-red dome- Duomo
  • Santa Croce - frescoes, tombs, panel paintings,sculp. --> off the rthand corner-miedeval manuscripts. leather school-prime place to get leather goods
  • Santa Maria
    Navella -
    paintings -
    masacho paintings
    of the trinity
    torneau bronti chapel -
    life of the virgin.
    beautiful stainglassed

    Italians understand bribes.
  • Church of San Mario - on Piazza San mario - museum thats

    connected to it - converted monastery
    Fra Angelico - painted cells of monks.
    can see what a monk of monastery
    was like.

A room w/ a view:
San Minato al Monte
      to get the view from the movie.

David - small museum
      --> not that interesting of a museum.
            --> unfinished works of art - interesting.
go early and get it over with



Vatican - got to go.
      go early.
bus service that will bring you to the vatican city - so you see all the gardens - free! takes youto the bascillica.

mail things from the vatican. _most
reliable in the country.       vatican stamps are very pretty.
            l'orso 80
                  via del orse (not #80 30 - 35)
                  --> a roman experience, very reasonable
                  --> a lot of food
                  antipasto della caza
                    stuffed peppers, zucchini,
                    cherry tomatoes, freshest mozzarella.

-spaghetti vongolle (w/ clams)
-good seafood
no cheese on the seafood.

pour on the cheese!

*just have a ticket b4 you get on the train.
      stamp the ticket.

colleseumm | and forum - don't do it in the mid. of day.

spanish steps - asyaleas will be out.
      Roman holiday moment.

The villa Borghese - parks
      --> walkaround.
        lakes & boats & roses - picnic
--> actual villa -
      recently restored-great sculptures.

off the
spanish steps.
via condoitti - Madison Ave -
            shopping -
            flagship store for everyone.

whatever they say to you - say it back - bon journno or whatever
shopping - window shopping.
if you go inside it is expected you will buy something

villa viguaouvea

- major shopping
villa Tuornabuonn:
where two meet
Cafe giacosa -
      stop & take a break
      cafe = espresso
      capaciunio - only in the morning
near the Ufitz: -
cafe riovére-
florentine institution
chocolate coldo - hot
chocolate - breakfast

--> end all & be all of
h. c. in the world.
a cup of mud - its
"An event!"

Iced teas are really good! belté good brand

gelato - you want a grande
- you can get a lot of flavor
con panna por favore - whipped fresh cream.
- flirt w/men - they are hot.

Don't make eye contact - asking for trouble.

cafe freto - to the left of the Pantheon --> best place in the world for it!

Cafe D'Oro

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