In Zelazny's First Chronicles of Amber, the protagonist and hero. Father of Merlin, by Dara. His Amberian Trump archetype is endurance; early on in the series he regenerates his eyeballs. He caught Black Plague in medieval Europe, and survived. He's just that kind of guy.

Lord Corwin is the protagonist of Roger Zelazny's First Chronicles of Amber. In the first book, he starts out with his memory erased. He gradually learns who he his - while already involved in a life or death struggle he only partially understands. He is one of the sons of Oberon, which means he has the power to travel through an infinite number of universes - unless he is creating them as he goes.

The sons of Oberon are fighting among themselves. The father is nowhere to be found, and Amber is the real world of which all other universes including Earth are only shadows. Through the rest of the series, we follow Corwin's struggle and the shifting alliances among his brothers.

He has superhuman strength and endurance and youth - as do the most formidable of his foes. He also has a mysterious connection with a special magical tarot deck, as do his brothers, which enables them to communicate and travel with each other.

He is the father of Merlin, who is the protagonist of the next series of books.

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