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Somerfield is a supermarket chain in the UK, mostly an amalgamation of smaller failed chains, competing in what is increasingly becoming a two horse race between Morrisons and Tesco.

With its distinctive orange and blue colour scheme, Somerfield consists of

Trading under the somewhat obscure banner of Somerthing the difference, it competes largely on price and convenience rather than quality or range. This isn't to say however that some of the goods aren't half decent - indeed many of the own brand products are considerably better than rival equivalents.

My long list of student jobs includes time working for them and as an employer they're not too bad, pretty much like work for any large company. Plenty of rules and policies handed down from high up, mostly to be ignored by rank and file staff. Employees are divided in to six main areas, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Groceries and stores

    Here work is mostly concerned with filling shelves and moving stock around in roll cages.

    Advantages: Plenty of smoke breaks whilst unloading lorries
    Disadvantages: Lots of lifting and having to be moving to be seen working

  • Dairy

    Checking dates on stock and reducing prices where relevant. Bringing items to and from the cold stores

    Advantages: Skiving marathons in aforementioned cold store
    Disadvantages: Most tedious of all available jobs/high boredom factor

  • Bakery

    Working the ovens and putting out fresh produce according to customer demand

    Advantages: Plenty of work downtime waiting for stuff to cook
    Disadvantages: Cleaning equipment down and antisocial early morning shifts to start production

  • Beers, Wines and Spirits

    Replenishing and reordering stock and patrolling the high value stock (theft prevention). Supposed responsibility for underage sales.

    Advantages: Talking to customers counts as work and minimal labour involved
    Disadvantages: Again, having to be seen moving and doing something to qualify as working

  • Delicatessen

    Cooking using the rotisserie, slicing joints for customers and rotating stock

    Advantages: Like working in an all you can eat restaurant
    Disadvtanges: Nasty cleaning jobs, dealing with angry customers

  • Checkout and Kiosk

    Scanning goods and taking payment, selling cigarettes

    Advantages: Talking to customers, no physical labour involved and refusing tobacco sales to underage chavs
    Disadvantages: Inability to work under the influence without detection, smiling when you don't feel like it and dealing with said chavs

All in all not a bad supermarket to shop at. Always look out for the reductions with short date life if possible, with up to 75% off these make good value. They run a variety of discount schemes too, but like with all loyalty cards, unless you plan to shop there exclusively you don't stand to save an awful lot through them. And as always, be nice to the staff, it costs nothing.

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