Currently, I do not seem to be blessed in the matters of finances. I've gone awhile without heeding to that little voice that encourages spending not because I am on some sort of shopping diet, but because I literally cannot buy anything. It has taken this shortage of funds to make me realize how much of my life is attributed to obtaining money and then spending that money.

I have a job, and I spend a fair amount of my time there. Let's be honest--I don't have this job because I want to become more sociable or to learn responsibility--I got it to make money. Most of my friends would classify me as a saver. As soon as I get my paycheck I put the majority of it in the bank. However, the money that I keep out wastes no time in being put back into the capitalistic economy of America. Through purchases such as gas, food, and various other neccessaties and desires, I am just keeping the vicious cycle of greed moving along. In fact, most Americans are a part of this process and they fail to realize it. This, of course, makes them no more reproachable then me, perhaps I even more so because I continue to take part in it, fully realizing my shallow nature.

So what does all this rambling and analyzation lead to? Well, when I was walking through a store the other day, still unable to buy a single item, I experienced a feeling not too short of euphoria. I looked at the advertisements--they had no effect on me. Prices, stock, customer service and more did not matter at all. For a marvelous and all-too-fleeting moment I was released from the bondage of the supply-and-demand cycle. While I was poor I was happy. I am not endorsing poverty in any way--it is a horrible problem for many people and makes life much harder for those who suffer in it. But still--I wish everyone could have the chance to be poor--to forget about money for a moment and just experience life.

Capitalism does work better than Socialism, but for awhile, I believed I could make them switch roles.

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