"Bjørnen og reven skulle ha åker i sameie" is a Norwegian fairy tale. It is part of Asbjørnsen and Moe's "Norwegian Folk Tales" (1841-44). The original was found at Project Runeberg and retold in English by me for E2.

Note: The fox in Norwegian folk tales is called Mikkel Rev, the bear is called Bamse Brakar.


There was once a time when the bear and the fox were sharing a field. They had cleared a little patch of the forest, and the first year, they sowed rye. "We have to share equally," said Mikkel; "if you take what's under ground, I'll take the top," he said. Yes, the bear thought it sounded sensible. But after the thrashing, the fox had grain, and the bear was left with roots. Bamse didn't like this, but the fox said this is what they agreed. "This year, I got the best of the deal," said the fox, "next year it will be you; you'll get the top, and I will be satisfied with the roots."

But when spring came, Mikkel asked the bear what he thought about turnips. Well, it was better than grain, he said, and the fox agreed. Come autumn, the fox took the turnips, and the bear got the plant. But the bear got so angry that he left Mikkel's companionship immediately.


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