I took a quantum mechanics class in Edinburgh with an Italian professor, Vittorio DelDuca. It was quite a large class, about 180 students. It was also a nice quantum class, the previous year we had baby quantum mechanics, playing with the Schroedinger equation in various potentials but this year we were doing it properly, operators, Dirac notation, generating functions the whole shebang. Vittorio would go quite quickly through the material and most of the people in the the class got lost pretty quickly. They would continually ask, is this going to be in the exam, is that going to be in the exam?. Finally one day Vittorio just stopped and turned and look at us and he said
I used to teach in New York at NYU. I had a student there and he was the most brilliant student I ever had, and he used to ask "is this going to be in the exam?" , he was an engineer and that was ok.But you, you are physicists,....
sometimes it is just good to know
Then he went back to teaching.

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