Did I tell you? Sugar Mountain's been knocked down and paved over - it has a shopping center, office condos, plenty of parking, the world's tallest McDonald's and the world's largest Starbucks. I'm damn glad I bought into the REIT when it was cheap. Elvis shines my shoes and he's damn grateful for it; he told me so. It's better to sell out, buy in, and cash up. 'Cause lust never sleeps, heh heh heh... Come over here and light my stogie with this C-note. Now.


Heartless blue skies gave her a flawless tan.
At work, she ate her fruit, frozen in contemplation of
the kiss that never would be.

She kept up the routine for weeks, trying not to keep track of
the time he was absent (33.5 days). Her mind raced, but gained no traction.

On dim nights she took a drink, a lover, or tissues to bed,
though none of them were able to cure what ails her.


For etouffee.

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