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Wolfram and Hart is a fictional law firm which is part of the Angel and Buffyverse. It is the continual opponent of Angel and his team of investigators throughout the run of the Angel television show. Wolfram and Hart is a truly gigantic law firm which represents the interests of criminals both mundane and supernatural. It has branch offices in every major city and in every dimension. All of these outposts are under the supervision of the Senior Partners, horrific entities that dwell on a higher plane. Their interests are represented on Earth by the Circle of the Black Thorn, extremely potent demonic beings with nasty agendas of their own.

Although it is clear that the complete destruction of Wolfram and Hart and the Senior Partners that run it is impossible, Angel and his team do manage to thwart them at times, hopefully forestalling the final Apocalypse that W&H wants to cause. Notable villains in the employ of Wolfram and Hart include Lindsey McDonald and Lilah Morgan.

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