listener set string set radius set, new entity,
end time end x end y end world, my listen,
air stretch air vast air dust air, my sky,
drip pools drop ocean drip, new drop alive.

potential electric air buzz, sky share your fire!

downcome as spiders curled from heat,
(yet yield flame! to the sky's soft caress—
 for (unable to speak) in pit-pat landing

A smile comes to the mouth of the river.

green leaves painted with potential (of-and-from
the sky, which pours itself for you, i would
remind you we are born of it as they are,
Though our cells be different.

So quickly we moved from stardust to dictionaries that
it is easy to imagine our turtle dying instantly, slowly.
But we have rock and roll and it has taught us
that once you're gone, you can never come back.

They keep talking about how many grains of sand
are along the coast, the number of stars in the sky,
the depth of some love, a puddle of water,
some gasoline(or-corn-oil-maybe)evaporates

and You, rushing out among the crush of people,
can lose a Self in many ways, establish(real-or-not)Self
a My and Your (a hand to a spider-web) a confused mind
upon which dust alights, a glass darkly & un

kept line of inquiry, a thought
difficult to pursue, capture, surely—
the chase is alone worth a thousand words,
a million stars, a billion minds, one lesson, one drop, one world.

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