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A friend of mine asked to borrow a book. I remembered that this particular book was one I had bought under her influence. It was her little idea of romance, buy this book and take turns reading it to each other. Sort of a team effort or something I suppose. I told my friend she could have the book, I didn't need it anymore.

So I go to the dustier section of my bookshelf and get it for her. Waiting to go to work I casually flip through the book. I had forgotten what it was even about. I came across a bookmark. An old vocabulary flash card from her composition class. I remembered now, we had used it because thats all that was handy at the time.

The vocabulary word? Symbolism. I laughed to myself. There has got to be some sort of irony there. I turned it over to read the definition, and written over the definition in thick black ink.

SURPRISE! I love you so much! Forever!

A secret little note I had not found in time. I guess it was my turn to read next. Double the irony, what a deal.

Was that thunder?

The sky darkens in less than a second.

Oh man, here it comes.

Brace yourself boys, it's gonna be a gully-washer.

Henry, go pen up the chickens.

But as I prepared myself to have a shitty day, something weird happened. The storm passed me by. The sky cleared. I turned the card over one more time in my hand, and found humor in it. The weather is funny these days. Sometimes it just blows over, quick as it comes up.

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