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Songspy is the latest napster clone. It's currently at Version 2 Beta 1.1, so it does have its fair share of bugs. It doesn't reinvent the way to trade music no, it is very very similar to napster. The most interesting part about SongSpy is the karma system. For every song you have, you get 1 karma point, this is the fluctuating karma. If you have 100 songs, you have 100 karma points. However if you delete 5, you lose 5 karma points. The other way to get karma points is to download/transfer songs, you get 1 karma point for each song sucessfully transfered (to or from you). While it doesn't have as many users as napster did, it does have alot, so finding mp3s isn't a problem. Currently it's windows only :(, but i'm sure some enterprising linux/mac/beos/qnx programmer could make a client for it.

You can get SongSpy from http://www.songspy.com

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